Hope Frozen

After battling a rare form of cancer Einz’s father, Sahatorn, a PhD-holding engineer decided to cryopreserve her brain, hoping that one day he will be reunited with her. Two-year-old Einz became the first person from Asia and the youngest in the world to undergo the procedure. But will Sahatorn’s decision offer comfort for his family’s grief? And can this faith in future miracles heal those struck with humanity’s cruelest tragedy: the loss of a child?


The Team

Pailin Wedel (director)  is a Thai-American director. While she has worked on documentary programs for television including three commissioned half-hour episodes for Al Jazeera English’s current events documentary reportage program called 101 East. The episodes included, “Myanmar: Free and Fair?” following two women activists as the country prepares for its first nationwide credible elections in fifty years, “Tainted Robes” about how scandals involving Thai monks are rocking the nation, and “Vanishing Sea Tribe” about a nomadic tribe in Thailand and their survival in the modern world. Her work centers on themes of faith, trauma and adaptation to the modernity. She has also worked as a producer or researcher on four other 101 East episodes and pieces aired on Bloomberg TV and ABC Australia.  Aside from her television work, she also regularly films short observational pieces for The New York Times, National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal. Before diving into the freelance world three years ago, she was the Asia Interactive producer for the Associated Press where she directed online visual and interactive coverage for the region. She began her career as a photojournalist (stills) in 2004 at a newspaper in the U.S. but quickly fell in love with video narratives and taught herself video production

Mark Dobbin (Director of Photography) is an award-winning freelance Director of Photography with more than 20 years’ experience filming around the world. Currently based in Thailand, Mark’s craft has seen him based in Australia, the United Kingdom, London, and China. He has experience in all genres of television but shines with long form documentaries. His awards cabinet includes the Quill award for best camerawork in 2004, a Golden Tripod award at the ACS awards in 2013 for the 101 East Documentary "Battling the Yakuza," two Gold Awards in 2013 at the ACS awards for “Restoring Rangoon,” and “East Timor Coffee.”

GiGi Berardi (Producer) works on documentaries that seek to provoke and inspire. He has produced several short form documentaries, which have been screened at more than a hundred festivals globally. Among them “Simply Rob” and “Unravel” which have won more than 25 festival awards in the past three years. He is currently in post-production with his documentary feature debut “The Right to Health” about the establishment of a health system in the Burmese jungle by the ethnic minorities. The project was awarded development grants from “Sundance Institute” and “World View Broadcasting Scheme”. In 2012, Gigi was selected for Documentary Campus where he developed the story “Love Me or Fear Me” a feature doc about men fighting misogyny in India. He is currently completing a short documentary called “Up the Hills; Down the Valley” about the spread of HIV among ethnic minorities women in Vietnam and an Al Jazeera Witness episode in Burkina Faso.