Pailin is Thai-American video journalist based in Thailand. She is also the founder of 2050 Productions Co., Ltd in Bangkok. She has worked on documentary programs for television including commissioned half-hour episodes for Al Jazeera English’s current events documentary reportage program called 101 East. The episodes included, “Myanmar: Free and Fair?” following two women activists as the country prepares for its first nationwide credible elections in fifty years, “Tainted Robes” about how scandals involving Thai monks are rocking the nation, and “Vanishing Sea Tribe” about a nomadic tribe in Thailand and their survival in the modern world. Her work centers on themes of faith, trauma and adaptation to the modernity.  Aside from her television work, she also regularly films pieces for The New York Times, National Geographic, Monocle and the Wall Street Journal. Before diving into the freelance, she was the Asia Interactive producer for the Associated Press where she directed online visual and interactive coverage for the region. She began her career as a photojournalist (stills) in 2004 at a newspaper in the U.S. but quickly fell in love with video narratives and taught herself video production. In her spare time she teaches short courses on video and mobile journalism and contributes to the acclaimed Instagram feed @everydayasia.