Films for Non-Profits


call to join a feminist network| FES Asia (2018)

Activists in Asia send a call to join a feminist network for a FeministAsia. Feminists from different countries in Asia remind us of the important ingredients to persist, resist and win in the struggle for gender equality.


Water shortages in Southern Thailand | World Bank (2017)

In Thailand’s conflict-affected deep south, communities and local authorities are working together to turn a contentious issue of access to water supply from a stumbling block into a stepping stone.


Indonesia: Praying and Preparing for their Safe Future | United Nations Development Programme (2017)

Located in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” Indonesia is often among the first countries to be hit by tsunamis. The 2004 boxing day tsunami was particularly devastating for Indonesia with over 280,000 people losing their lives. Still a significant number of schools remain in tsunami prone areas, driving the criticality of instilling tsunami awareness and evacuation as the only way to save student lives. With support from the Government of Japan, UNDP is assisting schools in Indonesia to assess tsunami risks, develop emergency evacuation plans and conduct safety drills.


Early childhood learning center in Surin | Donraed Learning (2015)

Every child has the right to learn and grow. An early childhood learning center supports the development of children’s life skills by teaching literature. Watchaisrisa-Ard Early Childhood Learning Center is a non-profit located in Southern Thailand’s Surin province.